Hey sexy post a pic?

Only for you bby~

“Ah, but why should my questions go unanswered, while yours do not?" He pauses, then continues. "But it does not matter. The Disease resides in all humans. It lies there dormant, from birth. Some humans can go through their life without awakening the disease. Others… well, they aren’t so lucky. It is the cause of all the horrors and filth of the human world.”

I couldn’t tell you, even if i wanted too… at least not here. 

"It appears as though I am the only one who can successfully cure The Disease, so the task seems to fall into my hands... But I understand your meaning, 096."

By the way, what does The Disease actually do?

"It is not the plague that I seek to eradicate, dear 096. It is The Disease. It is my purpose."

Ok, ill give you that. But why do you need to cure it?

The description of you matches somewhat to that of the Stalkers from Half-Life 2 Episode 1, any real relation?

I can’t say there is.

( brb )
"I hope you do not mind, but I must inquire, why is it that you do not like for others to gaze upon your face?"

Let me answer you question with a question, Why do you want to cure the plague?

I'm a magic batman, I can do anything.

"a" magic batman? i was not aware that there was more than one. Thanks for enlightening me on that.

x-ray vision. Also, I'm omnipresent, so I'm up your ass right now. It feels goooood~

Then as i have stated before,  do not mind being seen by you. Though, you cant be “up my ass” and omnipesent, as that means you are everywere which would mean your no solely in my ass and are infact in everyones ass and everything else, plus i seriously doubt any omnipesent being can feel at all considering they would feel everything everywere at once and it would be a jumbled mass of non-existant sensory input. Though this is all theary of course.

I can see your face, sugartits, now gimme some love~

Unfortunatly for the both of us my tits are not made of sugar, and the only “love” you’ll be getting is sweet relaese of death. Plus, i wear a mask so i dont see how you can.